A broadhband sub-group was established to investigate if a broadband supplier could provide service to the community. Unfortunately, the group was unable to recommend a supplier due to the reasons outlined below so it has been disbanded. Here is a summary of their findings:

The Broadband Group had discussions with 5 suppliers to see what they could provide for the community:

  • BBNet  [ www.bbnet.ie ]   Fixed Wireless Broadband + Fibre
  • Lightnet [ www.lightnet.ie ] Fixed Wireless Broadband + Fibre
  • Rural Wifi  [ www.ruralwifi.com]
  • Cellular Network Three.ie Reseller and Satellite
  • Imagine Broadand  –  Fixed Wireless Broadband


  1. Suitable Site for Mast + Antennas
  • Fixed Wireless systems require “Line of Sight” to transmission Mast
  • Range 8km – 10km. Antenna 90° Field of View – need 360 ° for users
  • Locations need power and access for maintenance

3 sites proposed were proposed : Spancilhill, Kilgobbin and Newgrove.
BBnet visited sites – only Spancilhill had strong potential.

2. Need Minimum No. of Customers to Cover Cost of New Infrastructure
e.g. Imagine need 100-150 customers within 12-18 months – with potential of 400 customers

We created an online survey to assess potential customer base – the survey requested info on existing broadband suppliers, usage models and monthly costs. 
Unfortunately, the response was poor to the survey so we were unable to assess the potential customer base and the line of sight to the mast.

3. None of the suppliers offered Community Discount.


To provide broadband coverage for the Clooney and Spancillhill community would have required significant investment in infrastructure  from the broadband suppliers. None of the sites, by themselves, would have provided sufficient coverage due to the topography of the area. This investment would have required a guaranteed number of customers – however there were not  enough expressions of interest from our survey.  Therefore, as we are unable to secure cheaper or more reliable broadband from any supplier we are not proceeding with any recommendation.